Walid El-Masri: The Seat of Perception

3 December 2012 - 10 January 2013

Ayyam Gallery DIFC is pleased to present 'The Seat of Perception', a solo exhibition of new works by Lebanese artist Walid El-Masri, from 3 December until 10 January 2013.

The paintings of Lebanese artist Walid El-Masri relentlessly examine a single material subject matter – a chair – treating it as a point of departure for greater investigations into the fundamental components of painting and perception, and as a vehicle for experiments in palette and composition.  With a vanishing point that lies beyond the canvas’s edge, El-Masri’s chairs are depicted from obscure angles and rendered with rough contours, whilst the lower portions of his compositions are void. For the artist, this emptiness is a space in which one can forget everything.