Roshanak Aminelahi : Faces of Resilience

14 November 2023 - 2 January 2024

Ayyam Gallery is pleased to present Faces of Resilience, a solo exhibition featuring Roshanak Aminelahi’s recent body of work. This will be her second solo exhibition at Ayyam Gallery, following her first exhibition in 2017. 


This exhibition illuminates the stories of women who navigated a male-dominated society and persevered through adversity. Women who have empowered political, economic, and cultural development. Women who simply inspire.


The selected women come from diverse backgrounds, spanning different generations, continents, and life paths. Each woman carries her unique story, yet collectively, they embody a universal tale of courage. Portraits of ordinary citizens are placed next to queens and idols, highlighting the irrelevance of roles; their commonality is that extra mile they walked to bring forth bold changes. Roshanak highlights a multitude of defining acts of courage, including speaking up against racism, enforcing political and environmental activism, and normalising female leadership. These acts of defiance entail the biases these women have faced. The representation of these women amplifies the voices of resilience and reflects the systemic nature of discrimination and the varied and limitless ways women have had to resist over the years.