Faisal Samra
Diriyah Biennale
December 2021 | March 2022
We are proud to share that Faisal Samra's work is featured at the Diriyah Biennale, the first exhibition of its kind in Riyadh. The Biennale's curator Philip Tinari focuses on Saudi art, presenting its perceptions and visions of the global scene.
"Samra's light 'objects', presented in a repetitive series, are images that allude to human body parts or to forms in nature, shrouded and confined within the wire mesh. The artist subjected his forms to the test of time by means of various sophisticated erosions and burns. He eloquently demonstrates that the ravages of time can bring about new richness and give rise to a second creation".
Brahim Alaoui (Art Historian, Critic and Curator)