Sadik Kwaish Alfraji
A Language Under My Skin at W139
14 May | 3 July 2022
We are pleased to share that Sadik Kwaish Alfraji's has a solo exhibition entitled 'A Language Under My Skin' at W139 in Amsterdam.
"We are born into worlds, environments, and circumstances that are outside of our control—we are born into language. The language(s) we speak impact how we think about, and interact with, our environments. They influence our thought processes, our feelings, how we think about time and space. Questions surrounding language not only touch on linguistics, but they have engaged philosophers, lawyers, religious scholars, cognitive scientists, anthropologists, psychologists, and many others."⁠
The exhibition features an animated film, graffiti murals, and large-scale drawings that transform the exhibition space. Sadik’s drawings and animations echo the notions of the body as a language, a manuscript, a carrier of languages, shapes, meaning.⁠
Read more about the exhibition below.