Sama Alshaibi receives two artist grants for forthcoming project 'Carry Over'
January 2018
Sama Alshaibi has been awarded two production grants, Visual Arts AFAC Grant - Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (2017) and Artist Research and Development Grant  - Arizona Commission on the Arts (2018) for her forthcoming project Carry Over, a multimedia series that, according to the artist, “recalls, decodes, and subverts familiar images while questioning their ability to inform nuanced understanding of complex identities.”
Combining photography, sculpture, and installation, Carry Over emphasizes the sociopolitical challenges that women from the Middle East and North Africa face and the problematic role that photography has had in perpetuating a gendered misrepresentation of the region. At the center of the project are staged photographic portraits that aims to resist superficial analysis that reduces Middle Eastern women’s rights and opportunities to what they wear and affixing them to assumed subordinate positions in the imagination of others.
Image: Courtesy of the artist