Ammar al-Beik at the EYE Film Museum
Syrian New Waves
8-10 September 2017 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ammar al-Beik will join Avo Kaprealian and Sara Fattahi in a programme focused on post-uprising films from Syria that is organised by the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam from 8-10 September 2017. The highlighted films were selected based on their contemplative views of the Syrian crisis and their engagement with the history of cinema as a means of subverting dominant narratives. 
Syrian New Waves also includes a series of talks with curators and scholars and a performance by Hello Psychoaleppo on opening night. Al-Beik will screen his Syrian Trilogy: The Sun’s Incubator (2011), La dolce Syria (2014) and Kaleidoscope (2015), which chronicles the Syrian war from a civilian perspective using experimental techniques in addition to various forms of documentary filmmaking. 
An exhibition of al-Beik’s Lost Image series, which was recently expanded and shown in Berlin, will be on view at the Eye Film Museum beginning 31 August 2017.
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Image: Ammar al-Beik, Aphrodite, 2013, Lost Images series, archival print on cotton paper, 140 x 110 cm, edition 1 of 7