Nadim Karam Unveils New Sculpture at Nissan Headquarters
The Wheels of Innovation
June 2017 | Yokohama, Japan

Nadim Karam unveiled a new sculpture at the Nissan Headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. The Wheels of Innovation was commissioned in honour of the corporation’s Chairman, Carlos Ghosn. According to Karam’s Studio Hapsitus, the towering work represents ‘an efficient system based on diversity’ in addition to ‘the values and prosperity’ that have defined Ghosn’s leadership.


When introducing the sculpture, Karam emphasised its five components, wheels that represent the core values of the Nissan Motor Corporation: Diversity; Alliance; Sustainability; Challenges and Globalisation. The imposing steel work contains abstract imagery alongside Karam’s world-renowned characters. ‘The Wheels of Innovation’ is one of several public sculptures that Karam has installed in Japan. His ties to Japan date back to the 1980s, when he pursued a doctorate in architecture at the University of Tokyo. 


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