Rula Halawani at the Lebanese American University
A Photographic Journey into Palestine
22 April at 4pm | LAU Campus, Byblos, Lebanon

Rula Halawani has been invited to speak at the Lebanese American University in Byblos on 22 April. Halawani’s talk, A Photographic Journey into Palestine, is part of a larger programme addressing the role of women artists in the Middle East, including their invaluable contributions to the art world and the obstacles they face. The Jerusalem-based artist will present her lecture via Skype.  


The series of events coincides with an exhibition of female artists from Lebanon and across the region that features her work. Halawani is represented with examples from Negative Incursion (2002) and The Wall at Night (2004), two early bodies of work that document the Israeli occupation of the West Bank with experimental imagery. The exhibition wlll on from 24-28 April 2017. 


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Image: Rula Halawani, Untitled, XXIII from Negative Incursion series, 2002, archival print, 90 x 124 cm, edition of 5