Artist Talk: Rula Halawani at Sharjah Art Foundation
10 December at 6.00 pm | Courtyard GH, SAF Art Spaces

Rula Halawani will be discussing her work and the development of her career in occupied Palestine on 10 December at the Sharjah Art Foundation. Halawani’s talk, A Photographic Journey Into Palestine explores her creative path over the course of several decades, from her initial study of mathematics in Canada to her experiences as a photojournalist in the West Bank and later as one of the Arab world’s leading photographers. At the centre of her presentation are the formal and conceptual aims of her work, which rely heavily on experimentation but also seek to document the difficulties of life under occupation both today and in the past.


The talk will take place on Saturday, 10 December at 6.00 pm, at Courtyard GH, SAF Art Spaces, located at the Sharjah Art Foundation.


Image: Rula Halawani, Untitled 1, 2016, photographic digital print on archival paper