Tammam Azzam at the For-Site Foundation
Home Land Security
10 September - 18 December | San Francisco

From 10 September through 18 December, Tammam Azzam will be featured in the collective show Home Land Security in San Francisco. Curated by Cheryl Haines, the executive director of the For-Site Foundation—an arts organisation that supports innovative pop-up shows and site-specific works—the exhibition highlights the human cost of war and political conflict through the works of internationally renowned artists. 


Azzam is included alongside Bill Viola, Yin Xiuzhen, Shahpour Pouyan, and other artists who offer ‘a unique lens on universal themes: definitions of home and safety, ideological extremism, forced migration in the wake of conflict, the constant shift of weaponry and targets, and the unwavering belief in the necessity for defense.’


Home Land Security is in collaboration with several U.S. parks organisations and will be installed in repurposed sites along the San Francisco Bay that were once home to a US Army post.  Read more


Image: Tammam Azzam, Untitled, Storeys series, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 213 x 420 cm