Venetia Porter in conversation with Sadik Kwaish Alfraji
Thursday, 23 July at 6.00 pm | Ayyam Gallery London

On Thursday 23 July at 6.00 pm, in conjunction with the 2015 Shubbak Festival for Arab culture, Ayyam Gallery London will host a conversation between renowned art historian and British Museum curator Venetia Porter and leading Iraqi artist Sadik Alfraji. Exploring the development of Alfraji’s artistic practice over several decades, the talk will detail the works that inform the video animation and drawings of Driven by Storms (Ali’s Boat), the artist’s latest multimedia solo exhibition, which opens at Ayyam Gallery London on Tuesday, 21 July. The evening will also include the European launch of Alfraji’s new monograph. Released by Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam, the eponymous book is edited by Dutch curator and writer Nat Muller. Please RSVP to