Khaled Hafez joins Ayyam Gallery
Ayyam Gallery is pleased to announce the recent addition of Khaled Hafez to its roster of artists from across the Middle East.
Egypt-based artist Khaled Hafez began his career as a painter in the early 1990s after leaving a successful position as a medical specialist to become a full-time artist. Originally trained at Cairo’s Fine Arts School, he went on to receive a Master of Fine Arts degree in new media and digital arts from the Transart Institute (New York, USA) and the Danube University (Krems, Austria). Hafez’s paintings, videos, photographs, and installations explore the complex nature of identity as it intersects with such factors as contemporary visual culture, the signs of ancient civilisations, and the palpable legacy of history, resulting in a form of ‘cultural recycling.’ His works have been featured in such recent events as Fotofest International Biennial, USA (2014); the Venice Biennale, Italy (Maldives Pavilion, 2013); Havana Biennial, Cuba (2012); and Rotterdam International Film Festival, Netherlands (2012).
Khaled Hafez - bio