Ayyam Gallery Launches Ayyam Projects
Ayyam Gallery will be launching Ayyam Projects, a new experimental space in Beirut, at the end of October. Ayyam Projects will serve as a sister space to Ayyam Gallery Beirut and will be located next to the Marina district outpost. Envisaged as a venue for experimental art, Ayyam Projects will highlight artists working in photography, conceptual art, installation, video, and new media.  
Postponed Democracy, the solo show of Syrian artist Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Beik, will inaugurate the space on 30 October, coinciding with Ayyam Gallery Beirut’s fifth anniversary exhibition. Through vibrant conceptual works, Al-Beik explores the concept of democracy in the Arab world and derides the corrupted and restrictive practices that plague the region. With new works that zero in on the performative nature, and often empty gestures, of political elections, the exhibition’s featured paintings indicate a significant departure from his mixed media semi-figurative compositions.