Ayyam Gallery at Photo Shanghai
5-7 September
Artists Sama Alshaibi, Ammar Al-Beik and Alireza Fani will be participating in this year’s Photo Shanghai, the first international art fair dedicated to photography in China, taking place 5-7 September. 
Multimedia artist Sama Alshaibi will be presenting work from Silsila series that traces the historical route of Islamic-era explorer, Ibn Battuta along desert landscapes and endangered water sources of North Africa and the Middle East to the Maldives, highlighting ties that once linked this vast region. Ammar Al Beik’s Lost Images series is based on undeveloped negatives purchased from different vendors in Syrian markets, while Iranian artist Alireza Fani’s works employ the imagery of bones and cut-up fish to comment upon a state of overall fragmentation within the artist’s homeland.