Sama Alshaibi's collaborative work at The Middle East Center for the Arts (MECA)'s exhibition 'Architecture of Memory'.


Sama Alshaibi's collaborative work with Dena Al-Adeeb will be part of The Middle East Center for the Arts (MECA)'s exhibition at Mana Contemporary entitled Architecture of Memory, an exhibition of three distinct projects that utilize video, photography, and performance to address concerns surrounding memory, destruction, and commemoration.
The exhibition features Baghdadi Mem/Wars (2010), a collaborative video and photography series by Al-Adeeb and Alshaibi. The conceptual premise of Baghdadi Mem/Wars is rooted in the corporal, intellectual and emotional embodiment of war and displacement. The three suites (Still/Chaos, Efface/Remain, and Absence/Presence) emanate from the lived experiences of the artists and their personal bodily memories of a lifetime entrenched in an undying war. The narrative manifests and replays on the topography of body, memory, and spirit.
Architecture of Memory is on view from January 12 to February 14 at Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, New Jersey. Click here to find out more