Ayyam Gallery is pleased to announce the recent addition of Khaled Hafez to its roster of artists from across the Middle East.
Saudi artist and educator Rashed Al Shashai will participate in The Armory Show’s Focus: 'MENAM' section curated by Omar Kholeif this March.
Iraqi artist Sadik Alfraji, renowned for his large-scale interdisciplinary works, will participate in LACMA’s exhibition Islamic Art Now : Contemporary Art from the Middle East, opening on 1 February 2015. This first major showcase of LACMA’s Middle Eastern collection will present twenty artists from the Arab world and their multimedia works, exploring the relationship between past and present. Alfraji will be featured with his installation 'The House That My Father Built (Once Upon A Time)', consisting of a painting, photographs, and an animation film projected onto a nine-meter wide surface. Evidently blending into the show’s retrospective process of interlinking temporalities, Alfraji will appear alongside other acclaimed artists such as Wafaa Bilal, Hassan Hajjaj, and Mona Hatoum.
Palestinian artist Samia Halaby will be exhibiting in 'Self: Portraits of Artists in their Absence' at the National Academy of Arts, New York City. Running from 29 January 2015 till 3 May 2015, the exhibition will gather a large collection of portraits, exploring the evolution of self representation over the past 200 years. Recognised as pioneer of Arab abstract painting, Halaby will be showing her portrait alongside artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Ai Weiwei and Shirin Neshat.
Following his first suggestive retrospective at Ayyam Gallery Al Quoz, Dubai (2014), Saudi artist Faisal Samra will present his recent works in a solo exhibition opening at the Bin Matar House in Bahrain on 8 March 2015. Titled 'Global Warming', the multimedia show gathers three projects (video, painting and installation) that interrogate the likelihood of change when it comes to mankind’s destructive behaviours. While ecological impacts and their questionable reversibility appear as the primary concern throughout Samra’s works, the concept of hostility towards our environment extends to the belligerent actions witnessed across the Middle East.
The mixed media works of Khaled Hafez, Sama Alshaibi, Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Tammam Azzam and Ammar Al Beik will be part of 'View From Inside, Contemporary Arab Photography, Video and Mixed Media Art', opening at the Abu Dhabi Festival on 20 March 2015. Commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation, 'View From Inside' constitutes the focal point of this year’s festival and is based on the highly acclaimed eponym show inaugurated during last year’s Houston FotoFest.
Khaled Jarrar will be participating in a group exhibition at the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna in Italy from the 22 January - 12 April 2015. Curated by Marco Scotini, 'Too Early, Too Late. Middle East and Modernity' investigates the relationship between the East and the West. The exhibition explores the concept of Modernity through the contemporary art scene of the Middle East, North Africa, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Showcasing works from 14th-century museum collections, the exhibition will deliver a historical view of the region and its impact on the East today.
After a successful show at Hafez Gallery, Jeddah, Rashed Alshashai’s 'Section 11' will be shown at Hewar Art Gallery, Riyadh in collaboration with Hafez and Ayyam Gallery. 'Section 11' in reference to the class Al Shashai teaches at Al Faisaliah School, the solo exhibition will take a didactic turn by laying out a series of societal issues witnessed by the artist in the Arab world. Translated into a variety of media, religious distortions and contrasts between tradition and modernity will be evoked with a humorous tone that’s common throughout Al Shashai’s work.
Samia Halaby’s 'Yellow Spiral' (1970) a seminal work inspired by the artist’s admiration for Arabic architecture and calligraphy will be on display at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi’s pre-opening exhibition 'Seeing through Light: Selections from the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Collection', at Manarat Al Saadiyat. The exhibition will introduce the future museum’s curatorial vision through a theme-based collection presentation.
Ayyam Gallery will participate in this year’s Art Dubai from 18 until 21 March. Representing a wide spectrum of contemporary art, including painting, sculpture, and photography, Ayyam Gallery’s booth will spotlight established and emerging artists Nadim Karam, Safwan Dahoul, Sama Alshaibi, Faisal Samra, Kais Salman, Mouteea Murad, Athier Mousawi and Alireza Fani. Presented with a diverse lineup of artists, fair attendees will have the opportunity to experience some of the exciting aesthetic developments that are currently taking place in regional art.
Ayyam Projects is pleased to present 'Leaving Soon', the solo show of Lebanese artist Myriam Dalal. Featuring a multimedia installation, the exhibition marks the Lebanon debut of a 2013 project by the artist. For this new adaptation of the work, Dalal transforms the gallery space into a site-specific installation that invites viewers to reconsider the ways in which memory can be triggered by the senses while having an impact on new experiences and shaping perception.
Alireza Fani’s 2010 work 'Witness' from the Remained Objects series will be on display in Igreg Gallery’s booth at the Ankara Art Fair from 11-15 March. The series charts the artist’s symbolic reinterpretation of everyday objects and the ways in which they reflect the human condition.
Acclaimed Syrian artist Tammam Azzam will be featured in Amsterdam’s cultural hub Tolhuistuin as part of a group exhibition titled 'Crisis of History Part 2: Fight History'. Opening on 8 February 2015, the show will highlight artists from the Middle East and beyond in an attempt to decode Western misconceptions of the Arab world. Azzam will participate with his digital works, among which Syrian Museum - a series of European master pieces digitally embedded into images of Syria’s war torn buildings. This body of work gained him worldwide recognition back in 2013 and will be exhibited alongside works by Eric Parnes, Wafaa Bilal, and other artists portraying the political ruptures between East and West.
Ayyam Gallery is proud to announce that a residency program for young artists will be launched in Dubai with the first position being awarded to 23 year old Noor Bahjat. A recent graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts, Damascus, Noor left at the top of her class. Working from detailed sketches in a painterly, expressionist style and with a primarily figurative subject matter, the artist skilfully transitions between warm and cold palettes, creating deeply atmospheric canvases. The residency will last 6 months with Noor working in a purpose built studio within close proximity to established artists Tammam Azzam and Mohannad Orabi who will be mentoring her over the duration of her stay.
Khaled Jarrar and Sadik Alfraji will be featured in 'aide-mémoire: footnotes' opening at Sharjah’s Barjeel Foundation on 1 March. The second instalment of the group exhibition prolongs a prior study of the multiple ways memories are recorded, now incorporating notes taken by the viewers during the first part of the show. Encompassing visions from the past and our interpretations thereof at the present moment, the exhibition also hints at the memories’ evolution in the future.

Saudi contemporary artist and educator Rashed Al Shashai will be showing his new body of work at Hafez Gallery in Jeddah from 28 January - 26 February 2015, in collaboration with Ayyam Gallery. Titled 'Section 11' in reference to the class Al Shashai teaches at Al Faisaliah School, the solo exhibition will take a didactic turn by laying out a series of societal issues witnessed by the artist in the Arab world. Translated into a variety of media, religious distortions and contrasts between tradition and modernity will be evoked with a humorous tone that’s common throughout Al Shashai’s work.

Following a major retrospective at Ayyam Gallery Dubai, Al Quoz in 2014, Samia Halaby’s oeuvre will be showcased at the Beirut Exhibition Center from 2-26 February 2015. Halaby’s five decades of visual investigations and ever-changing compositions, from early geometric experiments to today’s explosions of colours, have defined her as pioneer of Arab abstraction. Curated by Maymanah Farhat, the exhibition will illustrate each phase of her prolific career, the fifty artworks presented at the Beirut Exhibition Center will include paintings, drawings, prints, computer-generated kinetic works, and hanging sculptures.

Marking Farzad Kohan’s debut in the Netherlands ‘Opening Up, 9 Artists From Iran’ features the work of 9 Iranian artists living in Tehran, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. The show will showcase the work of these established artists, placing them within the larger context of the flourishing Iranian art scene. This will be the inaugural exhibition at Francis Boeske Projects.

Extended weekend hours for The Young Collectors Auction viewing at Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz). We're open tomorrow, Friday, 6 February from 2-6pm, and Saturday, 12-6pm. Preview continues until 9 February from (10 am - 6pm). Auction on Tuesday, 10 February at 7pm.

Sama Alshaibi has recently been awarded with the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Fellowship, she will be based at the new Palestine Museum in Ramallah where she will be developing an education program and conducting her own research. Founded by United States Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946, the Fulbright Program is one of the most respected awards programs worldwide. Operating in over 150 countries it was established to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries through the exchange of culture, knowledge, and skills. The selection of highly competitive, merit-based grants for international educational exchange are awarded to students, scholars, teachers, scientists and artists annually.

Syrian artist and filmmaker Ammar Al Beik will be attending the Forum Expanded program of the 65th Berlin Film Festival in February 2015, with a screening of 'La Dolce Siria' - a satirical response to Federico Fellini’s 1960 comedy-drama 'La Dolce Vita'. Al Beik’s movie unfolds as a poignant narrative of the dramatic events affecting his homeland and leading to the extinction of love and happiness, which Fellini’s protagonist Marcello Rubini was unsuccessfully looking for decades ago. Cloaking Syria behind the metaphorical veil of circus, Al Beik relays the despair of his fellow citizens, living a life that is anything but “dolce”.

In this eponymous monograph on the artist, Thaier Helal, contributors Farouk Yousif, Maymanah Farhat, and Jules McDevitt outline the artist's development while considering the many factors that have contributed to his aesthetic. Complimenting this in- depth analysis is a catalogue of images that includes over one hundred and fifty reproductions spanning nearly twenty years.

Ayyam Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the 2015 edition of the LA Art Show. With a curated selection of contemporary painting and photography from the Arab world and Iran, Ayyam Gallery’s participation will serve as its West Coast debut, offering audiences a rare opportunity to encounter a roster of artists who are not only breaking ground in the Middle East but are also internationally active. Recent works by Samia Halaby, Safwan Dahoul, Thaier Helal, Sadik Alfraji, Farzad Kohan, Afshin Pirhashemi, Athier, and Alireza Fani will be highlighted.

Artist Mohannad Orabi and Ayyam Gallery’s Artistic Director Maymanah Farhat were listed among Foreign Policy’s prestigious 100 Leading Global Thinkers in November.

The work of Khaled Takreti and Faisal Samra is currently on display at Insusubordination, an exhibition marking the second World Human Rights Forum at Musée de la Palmeraie in Marrakech, Morocco. Curated by Mahi Binebine, the show features the work of 26 international artists ranging from painters, photographers, video artists and sculptors all united in a collective effort to garner attention for the global problem of human rights violations. The exhibition runs until 30 December 2014.

Ayyam Gallery will be launching Ayyam Projects, a new experimental space in Beirut, at the end of October. Ayyam Projects will serve as a sister space to Ayyam Gallery Beirut and will be located next to the Marina district outpost. Envisaged as a venue for experimental art, Ayyam Projects will highlight artists working in photography, conceptual art, installation, video, and new media.

Ayyam Gallery Dubai (DIFC) will have reduced working hours from 20-22 December (10am - 8pm). The gallery will be closed from 23-27 December and will reopen on 28 December (10 am - 8pm). Dubai (Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz) will be closed 25 December. Normal hours resume 26 December. Both Dubai galleries will also be closed from 1-3 January. Beirut will be closed from 25 December - 4 January. Normal hours will resume 5 January. We wish you happy holidays and a joyful New Year 2015!

Works by Sama Alshaibi and Khaled Jarrar will be screened at 'Waiting for Good, the Unexplored Territories 06_Palestinia' section, being held as part of the MADATAC 06 Film and Digital Arts Festival in Madrid on Saturday, 13 December from 5- 7pm. 'The Unexplored Territories' section presents audio-visual creations from countries with little-known audiovisual production or from areas with radically different cultural backgrounds. Curated by Iurch Lech and Sam Alshaibi, Waiting for Good will feature a line up of Palestinian artists living within or outside of the Occupied Territories presenting a varied set of moving works that reflect the displacement, dispossession and dispersal of the Palestinian people.

Sama Alshaibi will be participating in a two-person exhibition with Joseph Farbrook exploring the dilemmas of the political, existential and personal presented through the lens of human gesture and motion.

Shurooq Amin is participating in Reversible: 'Narrating Identity from the Inside Out and Outside In', a conference held by NYU Abu Dhabi and FIND, from 7-9 December 2014.

Tying together dozens of freshly baked circular loaves of bread and attaching them onto a frame positioned at the mouth of a tunnel integrated into the BAANA, a pedestrian passage running through the city Helsinki, Khaled Jarrar’s ‘performative intervention’ represents the fine line between comfort and suffering, prosperity and poverty. Inviting the public to take part in the construction of the 'Hunger Wall', various people give their reactions to the work with one elderly lady recalling a time during the depression when she had to eat bread baked from the flour usually fed to animals. She goes on to observe that young people today have no idea about hardship and just how quickly life can change with unemployment and economic strife.

With contributions by writers Maymanah Farhat and Zarmina Rafi, this monograph explores the intricacies of Amin’s decades-long career through comparative discussions of her works within the broader milieus of international art and literature. Also included is an autobiographical account of the artist’s life, which offers an intimate view of her creative development. Featuring over eighty colour reproductions, ranging from her early experiments with a combined approach to portraiture to her recent cutting-edge compositions, Shurooq Amin traces the evolution of the artist’s celebrated oeuvre.

Lara Atallah, the first recipient of the Khaled Ead Samawi Art Scholarship, has recently completed an MFA in Photography from Parsons The New School of Design in New York City. Since moving from Lebanon to the United States to attend the prestigious institution, Atallah has regularly participated in group shows in the greater New York area. While attending Parsons, she has also developed several new projects that continue her interest in historical narratives, particularly the use of photography as a form of archival material in post-war Lebanon. Atallah holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut, and was a finalist of the Shabab Ayyam Photography Competition in 2011.

A solo exhibition entitled 'Aleppo, A Elles, Eux, Paix!' by Syrian photographer Ammar Abd Rabbo is currently on display at Europia Gallery in Paris and will run until 28 November in conjunction with Paris Photo Month. The show consists of fifteen photographs that document both the extraordinary and mundane aspects of everyday life in the war torn city of Aleppo.

Curated by Aya Haidar, 'RCD>PLY>RWD>FFWD>STOP>EJ' is based around the recording of the present as a reference for the future. Looking at the recent and current trends that have swept the Middle East, a combination of ongoing tensions as well as a boom in development have led to an urban landscape that is changing at a rapid pace. In the process, history and local heritage is under threat and identities are in a constant state of flux. As the wider geopolitics are determined from above, another layer of history is being made. The artists from the region seek to reflect the actual realities of those who live and struggle to maintain them. They represent the everyday and question preconceptions and misconceptions of an otherwise preconceived and misunderstood region.

Commissioned by Checkpoint Helsinki as part of Helsinki Festival, Khaled Jarrar’s 'Dis-/Obey' saw 50 volunteers participate in a large-scale performative artwork led by the artist. Using his experience as a former bodyguard of President Arafat of the PLO, Jarrar trained the volunteers to march in military formation through the streets of Helsinki. Passing through the central streets and thoroughfares, the march culminated at the focal point of Lasipalatsi Square. Here the artist gave the order for his platoon of volunteers to halt, facing an installation of 50 uniforms that hung in army formation by strings and pink hangers similarly to puppets hanging on a puppeteer’s string. Gradually the group began to leave one by one until only one solider remained, refusing to ‘disobey orders’.

Nadim Karam's 'Stretching Thoughts' sculptures are exhibited at Jing'an Sculpture Park as part of the Shanghai JISP Biennale 2014 from 20 September - 20 November 2014.

Sama Alshaibi has been selected to show her work at the Prologue Exhibition 'Chain of Fire' at the Honolulu Biennial, Co-presented by Hawai'i International Film Festival and Honolulu Biennial Foundation.

Sama Alshaibi will be participating in the 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art. Hosted by Zayed University, ISEA is an annual gathering of artists and scientists in the field of electronic and emergent arts that has been held in 4 continents and over 20 cities worldwide, since 1988. An academic conference will take place, accompanied by a variety of art events including exhibitions, concerts, performances, and public events. There will also be programme of workshops and tutorials aimed at establishing the connections between East and West, local culture and modern media arts on offer throughout the duration of the event.

Sama Alshaibi’s work will be on show in Intelligence Report at Peacock Visual Arts Center for Contemporary Art. Organised by curator Jay Murphy, the exhibition will feature a programme of screenings of six powerful new feature films from the Middle East and North Africa as well as moving image installations and experimental short films including three videos: 'Sweep', 'Chicken' and 'Sissy' from Alshaibi’s 'The Pessimists'.

Ayyam Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the sixth edition of Abu Dhabi Art, one of the Middle East’s premier art events. Featuring seminal, mid-career, and emerging artists, the gallery’s curated selection of contemporary art will offer a preview of recent developments in painting with a spotlight on the intersections of abstraction and figuration. Through the canvases of six diverse artists, this forthcoming survey will explore the evolving formalism of geometric abstraction, neo-expressionism, and symbolism, which are currently defining regional art.

Ayyam Gallery London presents Shurooq Amin in conversation with Ayyam Gallery founder Khaled Samawi, and Anthony Downey, contemporary art scholar and Editor in Chief of Ibraaz, on Wednesday, 12 November at 7:00 pm. The talk will be held ahead of the artist's exhibition 'We'll Build This City on Art and Love', opening on Thursday, 13 November.

The Young Collectors Auction preview is now open. Viewing is on until 29 September (10AM-6PM), Saturdays (12-6PM) and Friday, 26 September (2-6PM). The auction takes place Tuesday, 30 September at 7PM.

We are delighted to announce that several works of our represented artists will be appearing in some of the world’s most prestigious auctions this fall.

Ayyam Gallery launches 'Takreti', a bilingual monograph of Khaled Takreti, featuring a survey of the artist’s work from 2002 until 2014. Complementing this comprehensive catalogue are essays by novelist, art critic, and editor Pascal Amel and Ayyam Gallery Artistic Director Maymanah Farhat.

Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Al Quoz) presents artist Faisal Samra in conversation with Myrna Ayad, Editor of Canvas Magazine on Monday, 20 October from 7.00, prior to the opening of the exhibition. The event also marks the Dubai launch of a bilingual Skira monograph on the artist that includes texts by Roxana Azimi and Giles de Bure.

Ayyam Gallery London is pleased to invite you to a special gallery evening with a private tour by British-Iraqi artist Athier of the current exhibition 'Improbable Possiblities', followed by a talk with art consultant and curator Cedric Bardawil, on Wednesday, 22 October from 6.30 - 8.30 pm.

Sharooq Amin will be participating in Intersections of Art and Literature, a conference to be held at the Department of Humanities of the University of Trento from 15-17 October.

Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Al Quoz & DIFC) and Beirut will remain closed from 4-6 October. Normal working hours resume from 7 October 2014. Ayyam Gallery wishes you Eid Mubarak!

Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar will be exhibiting in 'Here and Elsewhere', a major exhibition organised by New York City's New Museum, featuring contemporary art from and about the Arab world. Jarrar will also be joining the artist talk along with Lamia Joreidge, and Charif Kiwan of Abounaddara with Natalie Bell, on 17 July at 7PM at New Museum Theatre.*

Artists Sama Alshaibi, Ammar Al-Beik and Alireza Fani will be participating in this year’s Photo Shanghai, the first international art fair dedicated to photography in China, taking place 5-7 September.

A personalised tour of '39', led by the artist Faisal Samra will take place on Saturday, 8 November 2014 during Quoz Arts Festival. Samra will be walking through his suggestive retrospective, which charts his long career from his early drawings to his most recent installation Arab Spring. The event will be held in conjunction with a book signing of the artist's bilingual Skira monograph written by Roxana Azimi and Giles de Bure.

As part of Checkpoint Helsinki’s 'TO THE SQUARE 2' project, Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar has begun work on a large-scale piece involving 50 volunteers engaged in ‘performative action.'

During the holy month of Ramadan, Ayyam Gallery Beirut will be open to the public from 11am to 6pm (Monday - Friday), closed on Saturday and Sunday. Dubai (Alserkal Avenue & DIFC) will be open from 11am - 4pm (Sunday - Thursday), closed Friday and Saturday. Jeddah from 12pm to 5pm and 10pm to 2am (Sunday - Thursday), and 10pm to 2 am (Friday-Saturday). Ayyam Gallery wishes you Ramadan Kareem!

Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Al Quoz & DIFC) and Jeddah will remain closed from 26 July - 2 August. Normal working hours resume from 3 August. Beirut will be closed from 26 July - 3 August. Normal hours resume from 4 August. Ayyam Gallery wishes you Eid Mubarak!

Photojournalist Ammar Abd Rabbo has been selected to present his works in this year’s “The sea is my land – Artists from the Mediterranean,” an exhibition organised by BNL BNP Paribas Group taking place at the Triennale di Milano, Milan from 17 June to 24 August. The exhibition is conceived and produced by the Bank, curated by Francesco Bonami and Emanuela Mazzonis. The photography and video art exhibition examines the Mediterranean area, interpreted not only geographically but as a cultural basin that unites different civilizations. Ammar Abd Rabbo has previously participated in “the sea is my land – Artists from the Mediterranean,” Rome in 2013.

Sama Alshaibi’s work 'Birket Siwa' (2014) from the Silsila series is being featured in a pop-up fundraiser to raise funds for the Honolulu Biennial, Hawaii’s first biennial, set to take place October 2014. The fundraiser called “The Postcard Project” is hosted by FolioCue and also features work by artists Fred Tomaselli, Fred Fleisher and others. The fundraiser runs between now to 23 July.

Khaled Takreti will be exhibiting in "Songs of Loss and Songs of Love" on view at the Gwangju Museum of Art, South Korea. This exhibition is curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath around the premise of creating alternate history, in particular artists respond to a fictional encounter between legendary singers, Egypt’s Oum Kulthum and South Korea’s Lee-Nan Young in 1967 in Paris. Other participating artists from the region include Ghada Amer, Shirin Neshat, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige.

Tammam Azzam and Kais Salman are participating in the 26th Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries, on view in Cairo, Egypt from 10 June - 6 July. The theme for this year’s biennale centers on the will and magnitude of “change,” with the objective that “change” may also serve as catalyst and inspiration for the selected artists’ future practice.

Ayyam Gallery is pleased to announce 38 works by 13 of its artists will be featured alongside other prominent Arab artists in "Fluid Forms II", a traveling exhibition focusing on Contemporary Arab Art at Samsung Blue Square in Seoul from 21 May - 31 May, and the Busan Museum of Art in South Korea from 5 June - 4 July. Directed by internationally-renowned independent curator Yu Yeon Kim, in association with the Korea-Arab Society, "Fluid Forms II" will introduce South Korea to the varied talents, perspectives and diversity of media presently produced throughout the Middle East and the Diaspora.

Ayyam Gallery launches the publication, ‘Syria’s Apex Generation’ which coincides with the gallery's June openings of contemporary Syrian painting featuring artists, Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Beik, Nihad Al Turk, Othman Moussa, Mohannad Orabi, and Kais Salman.The book provides an in-depth survey of movements leading up to this new school of painting that continues to thrive despite the disintegration of the Damascus art scene, its original centre. Building on the aesthetic currents set in motion by pioneers in the late 1950s, the included painters navigate the magnitude of the Syrian conflict with allegory, satire, and realism in works that hint at the influence of preceding modern and contemporary artists such as Louay Kayyali, Fateh Moudarres, Moustafa Fathi, Saad Yagan, and Safwan Dahoul. The book contains over 100 colour reproductions which are accompanied by an extensive essay by exhibition curator, Maymanah Farhat.

Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar’s installation works from "Gently I Press the Trigger" will be shown concurrently in Paris at the School of Fine Art from 23-25 May and Polaris Gallery from 24 May - 21 June, and in Ramallah at Gallery One from 31 May - 30 June. The installation deals with themes of deception and camouflage, often addressing a soldier's point of view.

Artist Sama Alshaibi’s photographic work, 'To Eat Bread' from the monochromatic series, Between the Rivers (2008-2009) will be featured in a benefit auction organised by Alwan for the Arts in New York on 16 June. The auction features work by renowned and emerging Middle Eastern artists, providing an opportunity for established as well as new collectors to acquire works and support the mission of the non-profit, Alwan. An exhibition and reception take place on 26 June from 5-9 pm at Shirin Gallery, New York.

From 10 May - 15 June 2014, Tammam Azzam will be participating in an outdoor group photography exhibition taking place at the Hague, Netherlands, with plans for the exhibition to travel to Belgium and Paris soon after. The month of May marks the 60th anniversary of the UNESCO 1954 Hague Convention for the 'Protection of Cultural Heritage in the Event of an Armed Conflict'. Key themes for the exhibition include identity, heritage, war, nation building, hope and reconstruction. Azzam will present work from his highly acclaimed Syrian Museum series.

Abdulnasser Gharem will be presenting a TEDx talk on the theme, “Be inspired...To inspire” on Saturday 3 May at Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The artist will discuss his artistic career as well as his role in facilitating opportunities for emerging artists in the region. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks covering topics from science to business to global issues in more than 100 languages. Independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

Samia Halaby will be participating in the exhibition "Ultrapassado-Part I" at New York City art space Broadway 1602 from 3 May - 21 June, 2014.

Walid El Masri will be participating in a group exhibition alongside award-winning photo-journalist, Ammar Abd Rabbo and others entitled, "Syria: Cris-Action (Artists in Creation)" to be held at the Institut du Monde Arabe from 30 April - 22 June, 2014. El Masri will be exhibiting recent work from the highly considered "Cocoon" series (2014) in which vivacious bursts of colour accompany sombre cocoon forms on canvas.

From 9 May - 8 June, 2014 artist Tammam Azzam’s works from the "Syrian Spring" and "Freedom Graffiti" series will be showcased at the 11th edition of Dak’Art, the prestigious Biennale of Contemporary African Art to be held in Dakar, Senegal.

Ayyam Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at the 2014 FotoFest Biennial to be held March 15 - April 27 in Houston, Texas U.S.A. The focus of the 2014 Biennial, 'View From the Inside' are four newly created exhibitions on Arab Video, Photography, and Mixed Media Art. The exhibitions present a diverse vision of Arab society and politics with works from fifty leading Arab artists of the Middle East and North Africa including acclaimed artists, Faisal Samra, Sadik Alfraji, Abdulnasser Gharem, Sama Alshaibi , Tammam Azzam and Ammar Al Beik .

Tammam Azzam will be participating in "The Grand Cypher: Hip Hop, Iran & Syria", a collective exhibition featuring artists, poets and musicians from Iran and Syria, from 24 April - 24 May at the Rush Arts Gallery, New York. According to curator Julie Ashcraft, art works were chosen for their intensity, magnetic beauty and frank content, all of these characteristics align with the innate spirit of hip-hop. The exhibition is unique in its combined presentation of visual art, poetry and music videos held within a single venue.

Iraqi-Palestinian artist Sama Alshaibi will be discussing the major themes of her work in an artist talk entitled, "Sand rushes in: The Desert, the Border, the Body in the Work of Sama Alshaibi" at The Center for Creative Photography, Arizona on 22 April 2014. The Center for Creative Photography is the largest institution in the world devoted to documenting the history of modern North American photography, holding archives of luminaries such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Harry Callahan.

Khaled Jarrar is participating in the exhibition 'Fragile Hands: a curatorial essay on state subjectivities' on view at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna from 12 March - 11 April, 2014. Works in the exhibition reference the film essays of Chris Marker, thematising political and social transformations accompanying imagined and real globalization. Jarrar participates alongside artists from India, Europe and the Middle East to query the hubris of global capitalism which often operates in the guise of democracy.

Institut des Cultures d’Islam, Paris hosts "Despite it all they make art! Syria: faith in art", a collective exhibition featuring artworks by contemporary Syrian artists encompassing a range of artistic practices and writing that has been produced since the onset of the Syrian Revolution in 2011. Curated by Delphine Leccas, the premise of the exhibition is to look at the artists’ creative relationship to a site of ongoing violence. Participating artists represented by Ayyam Gallery include Khaled Takreti, Tammam Azzam, Ammar Al Beik, and Abdul Karim Majdal Al Beik. The exhibition runs from 10 April - 27 July, 2014.

In collaboration with Doha Architecture Forum, Nadim Karam will be discussing his art and architecture at Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern Art - Education City, this Thursday, 10 April at 6.30pm. The event is open to the public.

Ayyam Gallery was featured on CNN’s 'Inside the Middle East', in a report on the movement of Syrian art and artists into the safe haven of Dubai.

Ayyam Gallery was awarded 'Best Art Space' at the Arabian Business Lifestyle awards gala held recently at the Montgomerie Golf Club, Dubai. This was the inaugural event for the annual awards ceremony.

Ayyam Gallery is pleased to announce that artist Sama Alshaibi will be speaking at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Texas) on Saturday March 29th as part of the FotoFest 2014 Biennial Conference.

Walid El Masri will present new artworks at 'Cocoon' his solo exhibition at Europia Productions in Paris from 6-28 March.

Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Alserkal Avenue and DIFC) will be open Friday, 21 March Saturday, 22 March from 10am - 6pm.

Ayyam Gallery is pleased to present works by Samia Halaby, Safwan Dahoul, Nadim Karam, Sama Alshaibi and Athier on display at Art Dubai 2014. The carefully selected paintings, sculptures, photo and video works comment on themes highly relevant to Middle Eastern identity discourse and to the Middle East itself. Representing a range of countries from the region, the art works to be featured at the fair will give visitors insight into central debates within the Middle East as well as its diaspora.

Palestinian abstract expressionist painter Samia Halaby has been named amongst "The World’s 100 Most Powerful Arab Women" by Arabian Business in March 2014. A long serving artist and professor, Halaby was born in Jerusalem in 1936 and is now based in the United States. Listed at #10, Halaby also has the distinction of being the first female art professor at the Yale School of Art in 1972.

Sama Alshaibi will be speaking about her work at the Contemporary Arab + Muslim Cultural Studies Institute's workshop 'On Representation' taking place 28 February from 2-5 pm at the University of North Texas. The workshop looks at how the Arab World is represented through exhibitions, scholarships and explorations of the self. Other speakers include curators Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, art historian Sarah Rogers and artist Sueraya Shaheen.

Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Al Quoz) is pleased to present an artist talk and book signing by legendary Palestinian painter Samia Halaby on Wednesday, 19 February at 7pm, coinciding with the opening of her first retrospective exhibition titled 'Samia Halaby, Five Decades of Painting and Innovation'. The monograph titled 'Samia Halaby, Five Decades of Painting and Innovation' is published by Booth-Clibborn Editions, and now available for sale at the gallery in Dubai and London.

From 6 March to 13 April, 2014, the Beirut Art Exhibition Centre is pleased to present, 'Biography of a Head', an exhibition of drawings, paintings and videos by renowned Iraqi artist, Sadik Alfraji.

On a recent trip to Palestine, Athier conducted 'Salma and The Cactus Workshop', a children's workshop held as part of the Science Days in Palestine Cactus Workshop at Ni'lin, Palestine. Inspired by the Palestinian Museum's inaugural exhibition 'Never Part', the workshop was developed by the artist, who was the museum's visiting artist in November.

The World show on Dubai Eye (103.8FM) hosted Hisham Samawi, auctioneer of The Young Collectors Auction, who gave insights about the sale taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, 21 January at Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Al Quoz).

Special weekend hours for the Young Collectors Auction preview. Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Al Quoz) will be open Friday, 17 January from 2-6pm and Saturday, 18 January from 10am - 6pm.

Sama Alshaibi's collaborative work with Dena Al-Adeeb will be part of The Middle East Center for the Arts (MECA)'s exhibition at Mana Contemporary entited 'Architecture of Memory', an exhibition of three distinct projects that utilize video, photography, and performance to address concerns surrounding memory, destruction, and commemoration.