Art Forum
Words | Tammam Azzam talks about his exhibition in Dubai
23 February 2016
Gulf News
The Road to Nowhere
4 February 2016
Exiled Syrian artist Tammam Azzam paints haunting images of his destroyed homeland
12 February 2016
After Exile, an Artist Confronts the Aesthetics of Diaspora
9 February 2016
Art Radar
After Damascus: Tammam Azzam’s first paintings since his exile on show in Dubai
24 January 2016
The National
Artist Tammam Azzam takes us on Syria’s road into hell
24 January 2016
Toute La Culture
Interview with Tammam Azzam from Syria
7 January 2016
The National
The Road at Ayyam Gallery to present impressions of the physical wreckage left after war
10 January 2016