About the exhibition

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were." — Marcel Proust.
Nostalgia stems from the Greek words Nostos and Algos, meaning ‘return’ and ‘suffering’ respectively. It carries a personal yearning for the past with varying shades of pain, sadness, and wistfulness.
Artworks selected for this exhibition reflect their authors’ personal preoccupation with remembrance that is both actual and perceived. Artists’ and designers’ interpretations of Nostalgia reveal the complexity of their reflections on their pasts, whether in images, events, or fleeting feelings. A few captured childhood stories or lamented memories of their homeland, while others reaffirm their identities and investigate rapidly fading practices.
The exhibition features works by Ahed Al Kathiri, Brian Gonzales, Hala El Abora, Kawthar Alshurafa, Lina Elmalik, Muatasim Alkubaisy, Mohamed Yousef Alhammadi, Nada Abdallah, Nourbanu Hijazi, Thaier Helal, Tor Seidel, and Unaiza Ismail.

Nadia M. Alhasani, PhD
Professor and Dean, College of Fine Arts and Design , University of Sharjah



Ayyam Gallery’s contribution


The Art world is a complex and dynamic ecosystem built on several forces that only work when symbiotic. Galleries, artists, institutions and museums, Art and Design schools, and many more, we each have a role to play, and we at Ayyam are happy to be part of the ecosystem and to give back when possible.


It is a pleasure to support the Art incubators and give back to the beginning of the cycle, which is Education. To be the platform that showcases the existing voices, such as faculty, along with the upcoming agents of the art world alike, is heartwarming and representative of the arts, which bridge the avant-garde and classical every day.


Maya Samawi