Working across a range of media Lebanese artist and designer Pierre Koukjian casts a satirical eye across the social and political landscape of the Middle East.  A recent series of witty and conceptual neon pieces examining the potentials of language as a medium of artistic expression. In Igit il Kahraba, Rahit il  Kahraba (“Electricity On, Electricity Off”) the bright neon lights as flash on and off to depict the prolonged electricity problem in Lebanon; the sudden disappearance and then bright reappearance of Ya Leil Ma Atwalak (“Oh Night its been too long!”) functions as a intermittent scream in the oppressive darkness. 


Large-scale steel sculptural works depict seeds and sprouts, their overt fecundity symbolizing the rebirth of the Middle East. Almost phallic in form, their appearance challenges regional concerns over the power of human sexuality.   


Born in Beirut in 1962, Pierre Koukjian lives and works in Geneva and Phuket. An internationally renowned jeweller and watch designer, he launched his deLaCour atelier in 2002.  Solo exhibitions include Ayyam Gallery Beirut (2010).