Omran Younes

Born in Al-Hasakah in 1971, Omran Younes has been active in the Arab art scene since the late 1990s. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts Damascus in 1998, he went on to obtain a Masters degree in Fine Arts in 2000. Having been featured in exhibitions throughout the Middle East and in the US, he is the recipient of several awards, notably the first prize recipient of the 3rd Annual Youth Competition in Damascus, and was recently highlighted at the Virginia Common Wealth University Gallery in Doha alongside such prominent Arab artists as Dia Azzawi, Mona Hatoum, and Youssef Nabil. Today his work is housed in collections across the Arab world.

Younes’ large canvases are distinguished by detailed investigations into human subjects. His continual explorations of various styles of expressionist painting have culminated in a noticeable pursuit of elevating his art to its highest form. He has demonstrated this versatility throughout his career and frequently works within a specific theme, with each series dedicated to particular experiments and breakthroughs in art. Belonging to a group of artists that emerged amidst the legacy of Syrian modernism, Younes has sought to further the accomplishments of his predecessors while fashioning his own path through the visual language of contemporary art. The result has been a brand of painting that mixes bold social commentary with an acute sense of observation and a confident command of medium and technique.