Born in Abadan, Iran in 1979, Nazar Moosavinia received his Bachelor of Arts in Painting from Jahad University, his Master of Arts in Painting from Azad Art and Architecture University, also in Tehran, and is a dedicated member of the Iranian Painters Society (SIP). Exhibiting solo and collectively since 2006 in Tehran, London and Dubai, Moosavinia’s works have auctioned in Sotheby’s 2008 and 2010 Modern and Calligraphic Arab and Iranian Art sales in London.


One of the most imaginative artists to date, Moosavinia’s canvases erupt in beautifully and skillfully surreal worlds. Reminiscent of the creativity of Hieronymous Bosch, Moosavinia creates a fantastical and nightmarish context in his series ‘Recollection of a Hen’, in which there is a progressive role reversal from captive hen to captive human. Though the palette is muted, a bold red features in each painting, along with the prominent inclusion of eggs carefully balanced on their points. Of the series Ali Etehad stated, “the characters represented in these paintings are a collection of animal-like humans and human-like animals; created years ago, they went through hardships of all kinds, time after time. Wounded, sometimes even dead, they were abandoned to their fate: standing naked and truthful in front of the viewers .”