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Interview: Mohannad Orabi on Painting on Curtains at Ayyam Gallery Exhibition
May 2016
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A Family Affair
November/December 2015
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Displacement and longing in a connected world
October 2015
TimeOut Dubai
Mohannad Orabi’s Ayyam Gallery show presents a series of haunting images in the style of family portraits that depict a dark truth
September 2015
The National
In the studio with Mohannad Orabi
21 September 2015
The National
Syrian artist Mohannad Orabi uses colours and lines to portray suffering and hope
September 2015
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Mohannad Orabi on Dubai TV's show دبي هذا...
September 2015
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Syria: Art in a Time of War
March/April 2013
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A Personal Reflection
May 2012
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I Know That Face
October 2009
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Struggle for Life
May 2008
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May 2008
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Syria's New Art Find
May 2008