• The perception of a vertical object can shape the possibilities for its use in traditional ways that emphasize its functional definition as "standing in space", which will still keep emphasizing its purpose of standing there. What I want to redefine with my new series of work is the functional definition of "The Wall" which has originally been built to separate humans. By moving the wall from its original place and presenting it as a project within an artistic environment, I create a different, new function for it: The perception will be changed and will have a valuable meaning that drives us to question the wall's present status and that shows the importance of seeing it from another perspective. Working on the functional possibilities may give us the ability to exceed the problem.


    The checkpoint is closed. “Detour, detour!” shouts a taxi driver and announces the beginning of the journey. The film unravels adventures of various attempts by individuals and groups during their search for gaps in the Wall in order to permeate and sneak past it.

    Palestine, United Arab Emirates / 2012 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / Digital File / 70 minutes

  • Artist Khaled Jarrar talking about his London exhibition 'Whole in the Wall' on Al Jazeera English